*** Ready Steady Cook

This page is getting way way too big, so I'm breaking it up!

Chinese Released 7/8/2013 (Gold Chef Stove) Re-Released 8/10/2013 (Tofu Tart Stove) Re-Released 01/17/2014 (Noodle Bowl Stove)

French Released  7/20/2013 (Blue Chef Stove) Re-Released 10/4/2013 (Creme Brulee Stove) Re-Released 12/18/2013 (Berry Crepe Stove) Re-Released 4/10/2014 (Macaroon Stove)

Italian Released 8/2/2013 (Green Chef Stove) Re-Released 10/23/2013 (Lasagna Stove) Re-Released 02/07/2014 (Tiramisu Stove) Re-Released 5/2/2014 (Pizza Stove)

American Released 8/19/2013 (Red Chef Stove) Re-Released 9/20/2013 (Apple Pie Stove) Re-Released 11/29/2013 (Strawberry Stove) Re-Released 3/25/2014 (Key Lime Stove)

Mexican Released 9/10/2012 (Super Chef Stove) Re-Released 11/7/2013 (Nachos Stove) Re-Released 3/4/2014 (Taco Stove)

Here's how it works!
With each challenge week - as you cook ANY dish over 1 hour cook time, you earn cuisine stars. However, for each challenge week, cooking THAT cuisine's recipes earns bonus stars! (in cookbook, on left column, click on the Cuisine of the week's cookbook section) Each dish will give multiple Cuisine stars per dish. For example, cooking Creamy Corn Soup, a 4 hour dish, on 300 burners will earn you 300 Cuisine Stars. However, cooking Steamed Pork Buns, (during Chinese cuisine week) also a 4 hour dish, will earn you 1500 Cuisine stars for those same 300 burners. HOW?? IN the cookbook, on Chinese Foods this week you will see a Star with a number next to it. That number represents how many Cuisine stars you earn PER DISH when cooking THAT ITEM. (See picture below)

Ok so it finally released.. that thing they've been talking about for weeks.

So Steamed Pork Buns is a x5 Cuisine Star Multiplier, and CrabRangoon is a x3 Cuisine star multiplier.

As you collect Cuisine stars, you travel up that golden path (on first picture) toward the final goal. Each golden chef hat is a new prize, upgrading the stove you earned in Milestone 3. You have to reach Milestone 12 to get the 13x ultra stove. 

HOW do you get the big prize???

To get the big prize, 13x Ultra stove, you must collect 250,000 Cuisine Stars before the timer runs out. That is roughly 42,000 stars per day. 
You CANNOT collect free food and serve them from gift box, this is a COOKING CHALLENGE, so the items have to come from your stoves. 
Here are your options.. 

Cook - a lot - and make sure you are there to change out stoves frequently!

USE the spice crew requester to fill  your spice crew and help move your dishes along!

Put on a 2 day, 60 point dish overnight (or 3 days 90 points on American week) 

Good luck! If you have questions, contact me on the facebook page.