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Released April 2012

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6555 TV Script
6556 Limo
6557 Fresh Egg
6558 Spinach
6559 TV Lights
6560 Boom Microphone
6561 Queso Fresco
6562 White Onion
6563 Autograph
6564 Dark Shade
6565 Fresh Mint
6566 Ground Cumin
6567 Hidden Camera
6568 Edited Footage
6569 Steady Camera
6570 TV Rating

 TV Script


 Fresh Eggs

 TV Lights

 Boom Microphone

 Queso Fresco

 White Onions


 Dark Shades

 Fresh Mint

 Ground Cumin

 Hidden Cameras

 Edited Footage

 Steady Camera

 TV Ratings

Goal 1: The Stars Arrive
Goal 2: Breakfast Battle
Goal 3: Scramble Success
Goal 4: Lunch Faceoff
Goal 5: Meeting the Fans
Goal 6: Minty Meals
Goal 7: Cafe Confessions
Goal 8: Ratings Bonanza

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