+++ How to make clickable links

How this works? Enter YOUR user id and the GID of the food/item you need (not buildable or catering item) and hit the create link button.
then it makes a tiny url link for you to paste into your links group for all your cafe friends to click on. 

Only post 1 tiny url at a time. Once that one is complete, remove the link, and post another.
Otherwise the wall gets cluttered, and no one knows which ones are still valid. YOU are responsible for removing your links.
Once a friend clicks on your link, that same friend cannot click again for 24 hours. So vary your links throughout the day for best results
Please stick to GROUPS or PRIVATE MESSAGES for posting your links.. We don't want our last helps to be taken away. If you do not belong to a group, try a PM group.
For example, begin a message to 10 good cafe friends.. and you all can use it to post to each other. Make sure you delete your link when done!

For Rachel's site, go here 

Thank Rachel by sending a cup of coffee.. her donate button is on her site

if you have questions.. message me on the facebook page.