While some of the helps are gone, some of these FAQS still apply. Hope you find some help here! julie

how to find GID of item for older quest!!

If you don't see GID for the items, click on the item it will open in a new window. Look in the new window at
the URL of the item you clicked on, the last 4 digit number on the address bar is the GID of that item. 

Q. I was told I could get free food from this site!!! But I can't find it! WHERE IS MY FREE FOOD?!?!?!

A. In the helps section, under Rachel's Cafe World
Q. How does this website work?

A. On the left column is everything available on the website. Most recent goals at the very top with asterisks.. then important things (FAQ, Recent, Upcoming) then ALL GOALS, then at the very bottom, helps available to you. If you have questions contact me on my facebook page.
Q. I'm new to cafe world. How do I get started?

A. A player created a really complete guide on cafe world forums. I put part of it in the Zynga Loves You section of this site under "New to cafe world", but the guide is very nice and explains a TON of stuff. You can find the complete guide here : http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?930909-Cafe-World-Guide. Alternately, Use the Complete List of Available goals as a walkthru of the early quests. 

A: Go through the Cooking Academy quests, the Setting up your Cafe quests, and the Lightning Stove quests. See New to Cafe World and Cooking Academy Goals and Complete list of Available Goals.
Q. How do I find my Facebook UID?

A. Go HERE, I explain it :0
Q. Is there any way around the stove shop buildables? I keep getting stuck!

A. YES!!!! Go HERE.
Q. I have a request for a goal I don't see on the list. Can you put links up for it?

A. If you can find one I'm missing, sure! But first check out the Complete List of goals and make sure I didn't name is something weird so you couldn't find it.. Then leave a comment on this facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/juliescafeworld
Q. I have a different kind of request or want to ask you a game play question. How do I do that?

A. Same as above. Leave a comment on the facebook page and I will get back to you!
Q. Hágale tiene direcciones en español?

A. INSTRUCCIONES (gracias Erick Cueiliar!)

Ve al Sitio de Internet 
Encuentra la meta en la que estás trabajando en la lista de la parte izquierda de la página y abre el hipervínculo. En la nueva página abierta, ecuentra el artículo o parte que necesitas y abre el hipervínculo. Este hipervínculo se abrirá en una página nueva, esta ventana tendrá el siguiente mensaje escrito por Amelia ('Uh oh, something went wrong in the kitchen!') -Algo salió mal en la cocina-, es totalmente normal que este mensaje aparezca. En esa misma página, presiona F5 tantas veces como requieras el artículo, asegúrate de esperar algún tiempo entre cada clic. Si necesitas 6 artículos, presiona F5 seis veces. 
Luego, reinicia tu juego, ¡verás que tendrás todos los artículos!
SI ESTÁS USANDO UNA LAPTOP: La tecla F5 puede no funcionar para ti sin que actives el botón de función [Fn].
Un método fácil para esta situación es abrir el hipervínculo tantas veces como te sea necesario en nuevas ventanas.
¡Abrir múltiples nuevas ventanas! -Luego, reinicia el juego y asegúrate de haber obtenido todos los artículos.
Q. My Ice cream cart is full of people who no longer play, I'm stuck. What now?

A. This has popped up a lot lately, and Zynga has said that if you send in a support ticket with the UIDs of the players you want removed from your ice cream crew
they will fill it with new ones, or Zynga crew (which is permanent yay!) or ask you to specify which people you want in there (provided UID of active players if you wish)
So send in a support ticket and ask for a Zynga crew. it will never expire!
Q. HELP! I don't know the name of the goal set I'm working on, only the name of the current goal that wants items! What do I do?

A. Good question! I have detailed instructions on the HOME page for that, how to search for you goal. Of you can scroll through the zillions of quest icons HERE. Go check it out!
Q. I need to delete people from my Catering Truck because I joined their mission then they quit cafe world! What do I do?

A. Zyngas response to this (when I sent in support ticket) was to contact the person and ask them kindly to cancel their catering mission.
But when I did that, I got no response. So I found a fix, kinda harsh but.. it works! If you UNFRIEND the player, and then BLOCK them, in about 48 hours they will be removed from the catering truck and ALSO from the request lists. You won't see them to send requests anymore, and they will also automatically be removed from neighbor list. Hope they don't get offended!
Q. Do you have ANY clue how I can get RID of this STINKING TIMELINE on FACEBOOK and go back to the old wall?

A. YES! Go to the How to Remove Timeline in Facebook page  :)
Q. Can you think of ANYTHING that will help my cafe load faster?? This is ridiculous!

A. Actually, there is one thing you can do! If you are like me, you are using exclusively 50% stoves now, or at least lightning stoves. Go into your inventory and sell off all your old regular stoves, old floor tiles, and wall decor. Believe it or not, those things have to load in your cafe each time you load your cafe, just in case you want to use them. Can you imagine going back to clicking on a stove 4 times before it starts cooking as with the original stoves?? I sure can't! Those are gone! as are all my 10% lightning stoves (singles). And hundreds of floor tiles! So there i saved about 300 or so items from having to load each time i start up my cafe :) Also, as of March 21, 2012, Zynga has a 500 item limit in your gift box. Sell all is your friend.. it will load up again super fast. Try it! it might help!
Q. This site is AMAZING! You've SAVED my life!! How can I ever thank you??!!

A. Your firstborn, as long as he comes with a trust fund in the millions that I get to manage... No, don't want to raise any more kids. Hmm. let's see. A Yacht! Oh wait, I get seasick. Hmm. well. How about a trip to Hawaii? Oh nevermind, I get airsick. Um.. I take chocolate. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Mint chocolate fudge, M & M's.. I'm not picky, any will do! There's a link on the home page that would let you send me a candy bar (in a round-a-bout way) but really, I do this because I love to help people, and your thanks is enough! Leave me a comment on the facebook page (see link below)! Please nothing negative. Save that for your spouse or kids. (lol jk jk )

This site is all about the Facebook game Cafe World. If you don't care about online gaming or computer games, then I have no idea how you found this website  :) And before you ask, I do not have a site like this for Farmville, Cityville or any other online game or MMORPG. Nope. Just this one little game. You can't play it on your smartphone, by the way, I tried. However you can easily play it on your Tablet, Netbook, or Laptop. As far as computers and operating systems go - iMac users and Ipad users can use these links the same way - I would just recommend using the directions for Laptops, because I'm not sure apple computers have an F5 or refresh key - and I know nothing about the Mac. Sorry :(  One more thing, on a regular PC desktop - or laptop - Cafe World does NOT like Internet Explorer. Nope. Works better in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Just keep that in mind when you are playing the game. And remember, all question to me should be directed to the Facebook website page at www.facebook.com/cafeworldhelps   

Have an awesome day and have fun computer gaming!

- julie