Complete list of Available goals

These are goals you will run into while playing CAFE WORLD if you started April, 2012. I will be updating frequently. There will be a lot of goals that don't show up on this list because they expired and are not accessible, and many goals here will no longer show up for you because they were a limited time quest. There is also a lot of information for new players in the New to Cafe World page

YOU CAN ALSO use this as a quick guide to finding your current quest! If you can find the picture for the quest you are working on, it will tell you what the quest name is. 

DON'T FORGET to keep checking this website's FACEBOOK page for updates. I put every little thing I do on there so you know when anything has changed! Find it here.

at Level 3
These open up

1st referral level 3 opens up stove and cafe goals
2nd referral (2 goals)
3rd referral  (Referral goals are 4 goals total) 

get your cafe going goals 1-5

lightning stove goal 1-3

Once the Referral goals are done:
Cravat goals (blue, light blue and white - these are part of Cooking Academy)

Once the White Cravat goals are complete, you get another letter in your cafe
and the graduation goals begin (items for these goals are found in Cooking Academy)

Graduation Goals
Graduate with Honors
Graduation Party

(the third graduation goal unlocks artichoke dip)

And I'm not sure what level this ones opens up because i was stuck on referral goals so long...
but it unlocks after 2nd white Cravat Goal (royal seal)

Meanwhile..... once you complete Upgrading 1 (light blue cravat)
Coffee Machine opens (the cup icon will be on right side - usually under some ad (mine was under a Slingo ad.. sigh))

Once you open coffee machine (by adding one new neighbor) it unlocks
Basic Bean

Which when completed unlocks Barista Blast

Which unlocks Espresso Excellence

Which unlocks Latte Lover

Which unlocks Drink bar (yay!!! finally!)
When your drink bar is built you unlock Mix it up

Which unlocks Mocktail Mania

Which unlocks Make your Bar Popular

Which unlocks Morning Glory

Which unlocks Exotic Mixes LAST ONE!

Level 10
Opens up these:

Pizza oven goals 

And the 2nd pizza oven (not sure what level, but unlocks when 1st pizza oven is built)

New Spices (WARNING! Only 5 days to complete this goal once it opens)

Level 15
Opens up these:
Phone a friend (no items required)

Level 16 or 17 - not sure (i skipped 16)
opens up THESE

Level 20 
unlocks THESE

Buck's 4x stoves also unlock level 20, but they come and go as far as being able to do them.

level 22 unlocks

level 23

level 25 unlocks

level 30 unlocks:

lvl 40

Captain Super stove (no parts available - have to beg)

Make Room expansion goals (no parts needed)

Crowd Control (unlocked by Make Room completion - no parts needed)

level 45 unlocks

I am now lvl 50 on my new account, so anything released from here on i will have no idea what level lol. so here's all the stuff released after April 2012!



Spice Celebration There's no icon, you click on the statue in your cafe to work on it