Catering Missions

Update  05/29/2013



as of 7/1/2013 this list is no longer updated. please click on the above link (the one that says HERE) to find all catering missions.
This list will be removed by October, 2013

This is a list IN ORDER of all catering missions in the game.
If you need info on the food or parts, click the  HERE button above to go to the searchable database of catering missions :)

Birthday Party
7th Inning Snacks
Graduation Party
Valentine's Day Dinner
Treats for Kids
Dinner Party
New Years Party
Thanksgiving Extravaganza
OK Karaoke
Grandpa's BBQ
A Fire-Cracking Feast
Corporate Luncheon
Party at the Ski Lodge
Upgrade your Catering Business
Baby Shower
Holiday Dinner
Red Carpet Refreshment
Sunday Brunch
Cater the Winter Ball
Rock the Backstage Party
Company Holiday Party
Make Mardi Gras Merry
Magical Tea Party
The Banquet
Kickoff Cookout
Ghoulish Feast
Spring Fling
Great Egg Hunt
Mother's Day Celebration
Book Club Brunch
Dog Show Dinner
Lake Party Picnic
Picture-Perfect Prom
Renaissance Feast
Album Release Party
Picnic at the Park
Feed the Fashion Show
Movie Wrap Party
Cater a School Lunch
Super Summer Fest Prep
Grandma's Cookoff
Baby Naming Party
Wedding Rehearsal
Help out the Hoedown
Opening Night
Cater the Sock Hop
Soap Box Supper
Cook for the Crafts Show
High Tea Party
Manny's Mobile Meal
Trick or Treat Party
Siggy's Mad Scientist Ball
Dinner at the Shelter
Cook for the Campers
Cater the Family Reunion
Cater the Fleet Week Celebration.
Feed the Fall Feast
Cater the Parade
Holiday Tree Lighting
Gallery Opening
Movie Set
Fairy Tales on Ice
Surf Competition
Run for Charity
Science Fair
Speed Dating
Nature Hike
Laugh Factor
Help out the Toy Drive
New Year's Breakfast
Exhibit at the Louvre
Cruise on the Seine
Cater the Gaelic Games
Business Upgrade I
Business Upgrade II
Business Upgrade III
Fred's Chance I
Fred's Chance II
Fred's Chance III
Susie's Booth I
Susie's Booth II
Susie's Booth III
Cater the Alaska Cruise
Cater the Roman Feast
Cater the African Safari
Cater the Rainforest Expedition
Cater the Lantern Festival
Cater the Outback Outing
Cater the Bronze Trade Show
Cater the Bronze Infomercial
Cater the Bronze Release Party
Cater the Copper Trade Show
Cater the Copper Infomercial
Cater the Copper Release Party
Cater the Graphite Trade Show
Cater the Graphite Infomercial
Cater the Graphite Release Party
Cater the Pre-Baby party
Cater Baby Proofing Party
Catering in Advance
Cater the Baby Party
Cater the Hand me Downs Party
Cater Mom's Day Off Party
Theme Park I
Theme Park II
Theme Park III
Hawaiian Luau I
Hawaiian Luau II
Hawaiian Luau III
Bird Watching
Birds of a Feather
The Early Worm
Cherry Blossoms Bloom
Beneath the Cherry Blossom Tree
Very Cherry Blossoms
Beach BBQ I
Beach BBQ II
Party Boat Cruise I
Party Boat Cruise II
Party Boat Cruise III
Country Dinner I
Country Dinner II
Country Dinner III
Forest Feast I
Forest Feast II
Forest Feast III
ROMEO's Lunch I
ROMEO's Lunch II
Storytelling Time I
Storytelling Time II
Storytelling Time III
Cater the Gold Trade show
Cater the Gold Infomercial
Cater the Gold Release Party
Cater the Titanium Trade Show
Cater the Titanium Infomercial
Cater the Titanium Release Party
Boutique Lunch
Red Carpet
After Party
Cater Joe's Lemonade Stand
Cater Joe's Science Fair
Cater Joe's Bike Rally
Cater Lisa's Talent Show
Cater Lisa's First Rock Gig
Cater Lisa's Prom Night
Bowling Alley Lunch
Roller Disco Bash
Soup Tasting Ceremony
Welcome Lunch
Warm Up Party
Anniversary Party
50's Lunch
Cater Hollywood Photo-shoot
Cater the Queen's Coronation Ceremony
Cater a 60s Backyard Barbecue
Cater 60s Rock Show
Cater the Woodstock Festival
Cater the Platinum Trade Show
Cater the Platinum Infomercial
Cater the Platinum Release Party
Feast for All
Behind the Mask
Sweet Craving
Howdy Neighbor
Deck the Home
Trick or Treat
Under The Tree
A Mad Tea Party
The Croquet Match
Breakfast in Bed
The Princes Ball
Happily Ever After
Best Fall Pie
Best Fall Jam
Best Fall Cake
Largest Pumpkin
Wheat Grinding
Corn Shucking
Ruby Trade Show
Ruby Infomercial
Ruby Release Party
Emerald Trade Show
Emerald Infomercial
Emerald Release Party
Turkey Bowl
Thanksgiving Parade
Thanksgiving Dinner
Soup Kitchen
Pet Adoption Day
Charity Cook Off
Santa's Visit
Carol Singing
Costume Party
Decorate the Tree
Nativity Scene
Elves' Snowman
Decadent Desserts
Holiday Shopping
Winter Decorations
Present Time
Holiday Giveaway
Treasured Ornaments
A Fiery Leap
A Flying Start
A Furious Run
Flamenco Lady
Viennese Lady
Greek Lady
Gardening Time
Grandma's Story Time
Sand Castles
Grandma Camp
Crafting Lesson
Favourite Cookies
Topaz Trade Show
Topaz Infomercial
Topaz Release Party
Sapphire Trade Show
Sapphire Infomercial
Sapphire Release Party
Amethyst Trade Show
Amethyst Infomercial
Amethyst Release Party
Tragic Mirror
The Green Queen
Rock Candy
Musical Mouse
A Real Puppet
Little Red Riding Pup
Diamond Trade Show
Diamond Infomercial
Diamond Release Party
Cookery Show (British)
Culinary Workshop (British)
Cooking Contest (British)
Valentines Day Cards
Split the Pinata
Poem Contest
Class Picnic
Treasure Hunt
Dance with Me
Rialto Bridge
St. Mark's Square
On a Gondola
The Grand Canal
St. Mark's Basilica
Doge's Palace
French Cookery Show
French Culinary Workshop
French Cooking Contest
Winter Weed Wacker
A Glass Act
Growing Greens
Frost-Free Flowers
Rooting For Roots
Summer Starters
Fire Trade Show
Fire Infomercial
Fire Release Party
Water Trade Show
Water Infomercial
Water Release Party
Green River
Green Town
Green Traffic
Paddy's Parade
Shamrock 'n' Roll
An Irish Evening
Road Trip
Dance Routine
Costume Shopping
Concert Rehearsal
Rehearsal Dinner
Meet the Fans
Egg Hunt
Egg Decoration
Face Painting
Easter Treats
Easter Crafts
Costume Party
Earth Trade Show
Earth Infomercial
Earth Release Party
Istanbul Tour
Picnic in Istanbul
Local Istanbul Delights
Turkish Delight I
Turkish Delight II
Turkish Delight III
Sunflower Trade Show
Sunflower Infomercial
Sunflower Release Party
Orchid Trade Show
Orchid Infomercial
Orchid Release Party
Yummy Recipes
Hiring Help
Interior Decoration
Bread Shelves
Finishing Touches
Euro Road Trip
Euro Dance Routine
Euro Costume Shopping
Euro Concert Rehearsal
Euro Rehersal Dinner
Meet the Euro Fans
Spanish Cookery Show
Spanish Culinary Workshop
Spanish Cooking Contest
Greek Cookery Show
Greek Culinary Workshop
Greek Cooking Contest
Daisy Trade Show
Daisy Infomercial
Daisy Release Party
Mother's Day Card
Baking A Cake
Mother's Day Celebration
Breakfast In Bed
Spacious Delight
Dinner Date
Peacock Trade Show
Peacock Infomercial
Peacock Release Party
Sydney Tour
Picnic in Sydney
Local Aussie Delights
Aussie Desserts I
Aussie Desserts II
Aussie Desserts III
Summer Road Trip
Summer Dance Routine
Summer Costume Shopping
Summer Concert Rehearsal
Summer Rehearsal Dinner
Meet the Fans - Summer Song
Macaw Trade Show
Macaw Infomercial
Macaw Release Party
Beijing Tour
Picnic In Beijing
Local Beijing Delight 
Far East Sweets I
Far East Sweets II
Far East Sweets III
High Flyers
Playing with Fire
A Fine Balance
Send in the Clowns
Up in the Air
Backstage Treats
Italian Cookery Show
Italian Culinary Workshop
Italian Cooking Contest
Kingfisher Trade Show
Kingfisher Infomercial 
Kingfisher Release Party
Bonfire Road Trip
Bonfire Dance Routine
Bonfire Costumes
Bonfire Concert
Bonfire Dinner
Bonfire Fans