Cafe World Help!!!

This website is made to help Cafe World Players with goals! There are old helps and new helps. Please be advised that OLD QUESTS CLICKABLE PICS NO LONGER WORK as of August 20, 2012. You have to use their GID for the item and then use the other helps available to get what you need....

Helps offered on this site:
Clickable links - will turn any food or part into a post request. One click per friend per day - but join a group, get a lot of clicks!
Send spice to friends - um. self explanatory
Choose your own food - send out food and get it back from friends, or just request a bunch!
For more helps, click on the tab at the top that says Quick Links to the Helps to find the help page you are looking for.
You can search for Food GIDs and Food UIDs on Rachel's food finder (for choose your own link, and for tiny url.. free foods from friends)
Zynga support is located HERE - send in a support ticket, this page tells you how.

 - The icky stuff -  AND Since each and every link on EVERY page was meticulously and through my own blood, sweat and tears, created - PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS WEBSITE! That would be plagiarism, and you are better than that! If you want a site just like mine, just use mine :) If you want to make your own, then make it your own, don't steal from me please. 

And to find out when any changes or additions are made to the site, add this page to your interests on facebook http://www.facebook.com/juliescafeworld, or just bookmark it :) I update that page daily!
(To add the facebook page to your interests so it will show up on the left column of the newsfeed - on the facebook page click the down arrow next to messages, then choose "add to interests list". - then choose "new list" then it will open a pop up - pic of cafe world will be highlighted with a checkmark - click "next" and in the "list name" box type in "cafe world help" - you cannot just type in cafe world because the game is named that. THEN click done. Refresh facebook and find it under a new category "Interests".)


If you cannot remember the name of the quest line you are working on, or it is different than what I named it and you are just not sure... Then use the search box at the top of the page where it says "search this site"  above and type in the name of the current goal you are working on, and find it! For example, you are working on the breakfast goals (Sunrise Breakfast)  and cannot find it in the list, and your current goal says: Granola to GO!... so type in "granola to go" or even just "granola" in the "search this site" box and let the computer find it for you :) Or if you don't think that will work, search for the item you need .. i.e. search for bowls and every goal that has bowls will pop up! (also try it without the s.. i.e. bowl) I am also in the process of adding ALL available goals. How did I find this information? Easy! I created a new account and am going thru cafe world for the first time! So now I know what goals are still available, and need to be up on this site!!! Scroll through the list to pick out the quest icon and then you will find your goal. http://www.juliescafeworld.com/cafe-world-help/complete-list-of-available-goals

*** What do the asterisks on the goal list mean??? This is the most recent goal , 1 star being most recent, 2 being next most, 3 stars being before that. Just making it easier to find most recent goals! As new goals come out, the stars will increase until they go away ( i won't be doing 4 stars, lol, 3 is the max)

HOW to find GIDs for quests I haven't added them on? simple :) Read my page on HOW to find GIDs in Cafe World. It will walk you through Step by Step with pics :)

Wait... once I find GIDs how do I use them???? Simple :) I have helps for that! Bottom of the left column list, Rachel's Cafe World helps with goals and food, Rachel's Buildables helps with Buildable parts, and if you want to make your own link for food or parts that your friends in your group can click, use Rachel's Clickable Links page. There's more too.. Just click on the "Quick Links to the Helps" tab at the top - they are all there!

If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like what I've done here and wanna buy me a candy bar (or cup of hot chocolate!) I won't say no :) But I will never ASK nor do I expect anything from anyone. I do this for the love of helping people! This site will NEVER be pay to play. I don't believe in that. As long as I am able, I will offer free helps. 

Thanks for using my site! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy helping you!



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